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High Tech High Prices

As the holiday season goes into overdrive, so does gas prices.  It’s such an interesting coincidence that when people have to travel to meet their friends and family, the oil companies jack up the gas prices.  Weird. This is a ...

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Flexcar in the Wild

In a past blog entry, I mentioned seeing Steve Case’ Flexcar.com being advertised on the bus in Los Angeles. Well, now I’ve seen it actually in the wild in downtown Los Angeles in the parking structure at 333 Alameda.  At ...

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Eco Limo

Okay. This looks like a regular black Toyota Prius Hybrid, right?  Take a closer look. It comes with a driver and tinted windows.  Yep.  It’s a limo for rich people who want to slow down global warming.  Perfect for pretendica Debutantes and politicians, ...

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