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Nissan GT-R Flat Black Sighting

Checkout this Nissan GT-R I saw parked in Westwood. In case you’re interested, the MSRP start at around $84k. This one I saw had a flat black paint job which made it look like Batman’s GT-R. Me likey. Motor Trend ...

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Tesla in the Wild – Part 2

While commuting, I came across yet another Tesla in the wild on the 405 freeway transitioning to the 10 freeway west. These things are starting to pop-up now. Pretty soon, it will be like a Prius.

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Tesla in the Wild

Tesla Motors has a showroom in West LA where I drive past sometimes dreaming about how I could obtain one in this lifetime. However, until this week, I’ve never seen one in the wild. I was driving on the 10 ...

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Honda FCX on the road

The Honda FCX, which has been around since 2007, was sighted on the 405 recently. Apparently, it’s a prototype and not available directly to the public. This one looks like it’s a dealer test car. The FCX is a hydrogen ...

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Nissan Cube Sighting

I’ve seen the TV ads for the Nissan Cube but had not seen one in the wild until recently. I saw this one parked in the Ralphs parking lot in downtown. Unfortunately, I didn’t get to talk to the owner ...

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GM Goes Electric

Now that GM has filed for bankruptsy reorganization and showing that they are re-inventing themselves on TV, it appears that they are finally going electric… again. This is a GM electric SUV that I saw being tested on the 10 ...

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CES 2009 Wrap Up

The last time I went to CES was back in the 90’s. In fact, if I remember correctly, I think I went every year for 18 years or so before I stopped going. Well, I decided to return to CES ...

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