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Prius c Shown at Detroit NAIAS

The Prius c was shown at 2012 North American International Auto Show in Detroit, January 10. The “c” stands for “city” according to Toyota, and yes, it’s lower case. Aimed at the younger urban market, it is ready for the North ...

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Conquest Vehicle Knight XV SUV

Are you worried that somebody might shoot you from road rage? Or do you drive through some shady hoods where drive-by shootings are common? If you’ve ever worried that you may not be safe in your SUV, the Knight XV ...

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Prius C Official Toyota Pictures

Toyota has now released official pictures of the Prius C, and it looks exactly the same as the leaked Japanese brochure. The press release is touting 50 MPG city, and is almost 20 inches shorter than the original Prius. It’s ...

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Prius C Japanese Version

As you may know, I’ve been looking at the Prius C as my possible next car but only have been looking at concept models. However, back in October, CarScoop showed the entire Japanese leaked brochure on their blog. According to ...

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Prius V Quick Look

A couple of weeks ago, the Prius V was released to dealers in California. This is the “station wagon” version of the Prius and is bigger. I’m more interested in the Prius C which is supposed to come out in ...

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Coda Electric Car ready parking spaces

At the Century City Mall parking, they are getting ready to open up electric car charging spaces soon. Apparently, it’s to promote these Coda cars which they are showing in the mall. I’m assuming any electric car can park there ...

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Prius C 2012 Release?

It’s about that time again when I have to start looking for a new car. Last time back in 2004, I was looking at the Prius but because it was so new, there was a long waiting list to get ...

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Nissan GT-R Flat Black Sighting

Checkout this Nissan GT-R I saw parked in Westwood. In case you’re interested, the MSRP start at around $84k. This one I saw had a flat black paint job which made it look like Batman’s GT-R. Me likey. Motor Trend ...

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