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Brick and mortar, or Internet. Buying stuff is fun.

How to Get Pinkberry Tax Free

Everywhere I go, people seem to be talking about Pinkberry. I’m not a big yogurt fan but since they seem to be multiplying like rabbits, I decided to try it out. As yogurt goes, it’s very tasty and I can ...

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iPod Vending Machine

The Glendale Galleria has a vending machine that’s similar to the Proactiv one in Century City.  My friend Sam took this picture with his cell phone and you can see that it’s basically the same robot vending machine but setup ...

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High Tech High Prices

As the holiday season goes into overdrive, so does gas prices.  It’s such an interesting coincidence that when people have to travel to meet their friends and family, the oil companies jack up the gas prices.  Weird. This is a ...

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U-Scan, or Can You?

Most people have seen these automated checkout machines at their local grocery store.  This one pictured is called “U-SCAN” and is at my local 24 hours Ralphs.  I love that it’s open 24 hours, and it’s also right next to ...

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High Tech Ad With Extras

Since we are officially in the Christmas shopping season, I though I’d share my shopping pictures with everyone. During my trip to the Westside Pavilion, I noticed that one of the plasma driven advertisement had a pop-up window on it ...

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Proactiv Robot Vending Machine

Since I don’t do a lot of shopping, I never saw this vending machine before.  Perhaps, it’s all over the place but I’ve never seen it.  I found this at the Westfield Century City Mall, or whatever it’s called now, ...

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Time Warner Cable Robot

As you know, I have Time Warner cable and broadband cable for my Internet.  I also use Vonage for my landline phone via the broadband cable. For the second time this year, my cable Internet connection failed and after trying ...

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Office Depot Price Override

Needing some paper for my printer, I went to Office Depot a few weeks ago. They had some type of sale on their HP Multipurpose 8.5 x 11, 500 sheets paper for $6.99 each. However, there was a sign that ...

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How Ralphs Could Make Our Lives Easier

With the iminent strike looming over it’s head, I remembered a patentable idea I submitted to Ralphs several years ago, which I’m sure they have promptly filed in their round filing cabinet.  In case they are reading this, please implement ...

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