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Brick and mortar, or Internet. Buying stuff is fun.

iPhone 4: The Countdown

Since I wasn’t able to have my iPhone mailed to me, I have to wait in line at the Apple store tomorrow. From reading about past experiences with people waiting for 7 hours in line, I decided to go to ...

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Scotte Vest Hoodie For Poker

It’s almost time for the 2010 World Series of Poker. That means it’s time to update my tournament outfits. There was an ad in Bluff Magazine from Scotte Vest for a hoodie with a lot of pockets. It’s normally $70 ...

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DVI Cable Pricing

After getting my new Samsung Syncmaster, but using my old analog cable, I decided to “upgrade” to a DVI cable. When I looked online at Best Buy, this is what I found on Best Buy. $60 sure sounded high, so ...

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Sprint Customer Service Fail

One of the great features of the Palm Pre on Sprint is the turn-by-turn navigation app. The 3D graphics is done pretty well and it’s just as good as any stand-alone navigation device. In case you’ve never seen it in ...

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Redbox Comes to LA

Although the original company was partly owned by McDonald’s, Coinstar bought them out and created redbox. It’s only very recently that they have put their new DVD rental machines (made by Flextronics – also manufactures Zune, Xbox 360) at Southern ...

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