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Brick and mortar, or Internet. Buying stuff is fun.

Best Buy Refunds Tax on Ask Agent

There was a Best Buy check in my mailbox yesterday for $1.98.  Apparently, this is another one of those class action lawsuits where Best Buy was forced to return the tax that was charged for their “Ask an Agent” service. ...

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Coda Electric Car ready parking spaces

At the Century City Mall parking, they are getting ready to open up electric car charging spaces soon. Apparently, it’s to promote these Coda cars which they are showing in the mall. I’m assuming any electric car can park there ...

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Brand New Sony Store in Century City

Sony has opened a brand new Sony Store in the Century City mall. According to workers there, this is the first Sony Store (as opposed to SonyStyle store) and the other stores will eventually all be converted. I’m not really ...

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Best Buy at Vegas Airport

People are pretty used to a lot of vending machines, including the Redbox that rents out DVDs.  A new one I saw at the Las Vegas airport was a Best Buy vending machine chock full of nice gadgets, including iPhones, ...

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Best Buy Grocery Store

While I was driving on Pico near Hoover and came across Best Buy Foods. It’s a grocery store. Hmm. Do the words “cease and desist” mean anything?

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