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Find Your Car Kiosk at Santa Monica Mall Parking

It’s been a long time since I’ve been at the Santa Monica Place mall. Everything looked upscale, new, and expensive. One thing I noticed as soon as we parked was a kiosk with the sign “Find Your Car.” After having ...

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GE Link LED Light Controled by Smartphone

In order to compete with Philips 431643 Hue Personal Wireless Lighting, GE has decided to get in on the smartphone controlled lighting wave. According to the Home Depot website, you can get the GE Link Starter Kit with 2 A19 ...

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Auto Follow Drone By AirDog

There seems to be a lot of quad prop drones coming on the market and AirDog has launched yet another one on Kickstarter for $1,195. For that price, you have to buy your own GoPro that mounts on the gimbal ...

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Breathometer Smartphone Breathalyzer Review

You are drinking at a bar with friends. When it’s time to leave, you wonder if your friend has had too much to drink. Wouldn’t it be great if you could see what their blood alcohol content (BAC) was so ...

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Blipcare Blood Pressure Monitor Setup and Review

Before buying the Blipcare, I compared it with other similar BP monitors and eventually decided on Blipcare because of the WiFi connection and smartphone app. There was a really long delay in getting my unit. In fact, it took so ...

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Tado Intelligent AC Control

A while ago, I was looking for a hew air conditioner that would connect to the Internet so I can control it and found the Friedrich, which turned out to be impossible to buy. Now comes Tado, which previously created ...

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Phanton 2 Vision+ Flying Camera From DJI

Only a few years ago, just a HD camcorder cost over a thousand dollars. Today, for $1,299, you can not only get the camcorder, it comes with a quad bladed drone with 3 axis stabilization, GPS stable hovering, and live ...

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La Crosse Technology Alarm Clock Review

As daylight savings time ends, I’m once again reminded how stupid my alarm clock is because I have to manually set the time back one hour. In this day and age, where everything is connected to the Internet, why do ...

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Ooma Hub Discontinued

Ooma sent me an email today notifying me that my wonderful Ooma Hub has been officially discontinued (see picture above). Ooma had previously created a new product called the Ooma Telo, but up until now, although you couldn’t buy a ...

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