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USB Pole Dancer

No joke.  I found this at my local Fry’s. According to the box, you plug this to your USB and the pole dancer will spin and dance.  Hey, I don’t make this stuff up.  I just report it.  Their website describes ...

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Old Canon S110 vs. New Sony DSC-T20

My old digital camera is the Canon PowerShot S110 Digital Elph, and it has served me well over the years. Back in 2000 or so when I bought it, it was one of the better digital cameras you could get ...

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How to Get Tivo for $6.95 Per Month

After evaluating the Cable DVR against the Tivo, I decided to close my Tivo account to save the $13 per month. Before calling Tivo, I checked the GetHuman “get around the phone bots” list and Tivo was listed so I ...

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Gaming Life Expo – Girls, Games, and Gear

Apparently, there was this same expo last year but I never even heard of it until this year. They changed the theme a little to add girls and gadgets to the gambling. Wait a second. This expo is the same theme ...

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Tivo vs. Cable DVR

Let’s get ready to rrrumble! In this corner, the disputed champion of DVRs, Tivo Series 2. And in the other corner, Time Warner Cable’s generic DVR with 120Gigs. As you can see, the remotes look pretty different. Most of the ...

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Vonage and Amazon Unbox + Tivo

How Things Work and Not Work. I hardly ever use my land line so to save money, I decided to switch to Vonage.  For those who have not seen their TV ads, it’s a company that provides VOIP (voice over ...

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Zune vs iPod, PS3 vs XB360, Wii vs ?, MS Win XP vs Google

MS decides to not make the Zune compatible with the other MP3 players and music websites.  It came out this week.  Zzzzzz PS3 comes out at the end of this week.  Blue-ray, blue-tooth, blue-balls. It’s all blue. As “Gears of ...

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Zune My Ass

According to slashdot, the new Microsoft Zune (supposed iPod killer) is not going to support “Plays For Sure.”  Playsforsure.com was Microsoft’s way of making music sites, MP3 players and Windows all compatible and they got Napster, Creative, AOL and others to ...

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