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Cheap HDMI Cables From OutletPC

While I patiently wait for my Playstation 3 to come in the mail (hopefully by Wednesday this week), I decided to get the HDMI cable for it because I know that the PS3 doesn’t come with it. Best Buy has ...

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Best Buy Stocks PS3 for a Second

As you may already know, I don’t have a game console after selling my PS2 when I thought I was going to buy a PS3.  After the HD format war ended, I decided to go to the PS3 instead of ...

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Ooma Sends $25 Best Buy Gift Card

My previous review of Ooma noted their referral system so I tried it out with a friend of mine.  I got a return email right away after submitting my info, and within days, I got a certified mail with my ...

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Bluetrek Hands-Free Review – Part 2

As you may read previously, my attempt at going hands-free using the Motorola T505 was a failure.  At my friend’s suggestion, I decided to go to the Bluetrek website to see what they had there. They have a ton of ...

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LG Slim Portable External DVD Writer – Review

When my external CD player for my Toshiba Portege R205 laptop broke down, I had to find a replacement.  After looking around, the only other small external drive was the LG Slim Portable Double-layer DVD reader/Writer.  I found it on ...

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Wordress 2.6 Adds Cool Image Captions

The new version of WordPress is now out as of today with a bunch of new features and bug fixes. The update was smooth with no problems, but when I tried to login to the Admin page using Firefox 3, ...

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Cracked iPhone Still Works. Good Excuse to Get 3G

If you thought you were rough with your iPhone, take a look at my friend’s here.  She dropped it onto concrete and got a big-ass crack near the bottom, with crack lines going all the way up to near the ...

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Time Warner Discontinues Newsgroups

Somehow, I missed the news that Time Warner was discontinuing Usenet Newsgroups for their broadband accounts on June 23, 2008. So to my surprise, last week, I loaded up my Agent Newsgroup reader program, and couldn’t access any newsgroups. In ...

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Downgrading to the LG EnV2

  After using the LG Voyager (left) for several months, I got sick of the touch screen and so I decided to “downgrade” to the LG EnV2 (right).  Basically, the EnV2 is a smaller cooler looking version of the LG ...

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