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SushiStop Review

Since I was getting tired of the same restaurants, I decided to try out Sushi Stop on Sawtelle in West LA. There are tons of sushi places in this area and I’ve seen this place many times but was scared ...

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Logitech Alert Security System Review

After my epic fail with the Archerfish security system, I went looking for something better. One thing that I noticed was that the WiFi connection that Archerfish was using was very unreliable and would go down a lot. So this ...

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Linksys E2000 WiFi Router Review

In trying to get a video monitoring system to work, I ended up having to purchase a new WiFi router. My old Linksys was getting old, so frankly, I was happy to get a new one. Using my usual “pick ...

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Samsung Epic 4G Review – Part 1

Well it happened. I dropped my poor Palm Pre and it became intermittent. As you may know, I’m not happy with the on-screen keyboard on my iPhone, so I decided to go ahead and try an Android phone from Sprint ...

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Zencu Sushi & Grill Review – Part 4

Yet once again, I’ve returned to Zencu. By now, you’re thinking that I go to this place every week but actually, I’ve gone there maybe about 12 times since they opened. This time, I tried their seaweed salad and found ...

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