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PS3 Remote and Blu-ray review

After getting the PS3, one of the first things I wanted to do was to watch a Blu-ray movie.  Although you can control the movie via the wireless controller, this method puts a selection overlay on top of the movie image.  That’s annoying enough, but there’s more.  Maybe it’s just me but watching a movie using a game controller just doesn’t feel right to me.

Well, the cure is easy and cheap enough simply by ordering the PS3 remote ($24.99 at Best Buy, uses 2 AA batteries, included).  Unlike normal remotes, this thing connects via Bluetooth to the PS3.  So, the first time you use it, you have to add this as a device so that it can get “paired” to the PS3.  Once you do this, it acts just like any remote except you don’t have to point it at the console.

The remote has all the Blu-ray movie related buttons so that you can get full enjoyment from your HD movies.  Without this remote, you have to go through multiple button presses on your game controller to do what you want.  Not fun when you’re just trying to watch a damn movie.  As a bonus, it also has the PS3 controller buttons so you can pretty much do everything on the PS3, except maybe play games.

For example, viewing your pictures from your media server (i.e. computer) can be a nice experience using this remote because you can see the next picture by pressing the “Next” button.  How much easier could it be?

So, if you’re going to watch any Blu-ray disk movies, this remote is a no-brainer must have.

As for Blu-ray movies, I got “The Departed” and watched it in one sitting.  Although the extras are pretty weak, the quality of the Blu-ray is so good, I don’t think I can watch my old DVDs anymore.  The difference is very noticeable.  I don’t think I can afford to switch my entire DVD collection but I’m sure not going to buy anymore DVDs.  That’s for sure.