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Time Warner Cable TV iPad App Review

After downloading the must have apps for my new iPad, I started looking around for other iPad apps to download. Since I’m with Time Warner Cable, I downloaded the TWC TV app, which allows you to watch Time Warner cable ...

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Time Warner Motorola Cable Box Fail

While trying to record the ESPN WSOP Europe on my Time Warner Motorola cable box, I got the list above. As you can see, the entire page is the same show at 7pm repeated. What you can’t see is there ...

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Two and a Half Men Message

Two and a Half Men Message at end of show on 2/14/2010

Since I have nobody to be with for Valentines, I was minding my own business watching “Two and a Half Men” on CBS tonight only to see this Easter Egg at the end of the show.

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Samsung 40′ LCD HDTV

After getting a new Samsung monitor for my computer recently, I decided it was time to get a new TV for my bedroom. Since I’ve already ranted at length about the problems I had getting this new TV from Best ...

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Redbox Comes to LA

Although the original company was partly owned by McDonald’s, Coinstar bought them out and created redbox. It’s only very recently that they have put their new DVD rental machines (made by Flextronics – also manufactures Zune, Xbox 360) at Southern ...

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PS3 Remote and Blu-ray review

After getting the PS3, one of the first things I wanted to do was to watch a Blu-ray movie.  Although you can control the movie via the wireless controller, this method puts a selection overlay on top of the movie ...

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Tivo 30 Second Skip

While watching Cranky Geeks on my Tivo, I noticed Dvorak complaining how his Tivo didn’t skip commercials like his cable DVR.  Huh?  Hasn’t he seen the tons of websites that explain how to “hack” your Tivo (e.g. BigMarv)? Just in case ...

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“21” Tries to Teach Card Counting and Busts

The movie “21” is based on the book, “Bringing Down the House,” by Ben Mezrich. The book is based on the events of the re-generated MIT blackjack team in the late 90’s and Jeff Ma’s experiences. Although I’ve not read ...

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“Heroes” Shot in Little Tokyo

This picture just looks like some Japanese market somewhere but actually, it’s in Little Tokyo in Los Angeles. A film crew put up banners and bikes to make it look like a Japanese scene for the TV show “Heroes” on ...

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