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Zion Eyez Spy Camcorder

It’s not enough that everybody and his brother has a camera/camcorder built into their mobile smart phones, and uploading their boring videos to Youtube, now comes this set of sunglasses that will automatically stream live video via your smart phone ...

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Samsung Epic 4G Dock Review

Since I have a dock for my iPhone 4, and the fancy wireless charging dock for the Palm Pre, the first thing I started to look for was a dock for my Samsung Epic 4G. According to Amazon, the list ...

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Sexy Mouse

My co-worker got this mouse which is in the shape of a female body. The body has no appendages, which is a little creepy if you think about it too much. Clicking on the breast/buttons is a little uncomfortable but ...

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Brand New Sony Store in Century City

Sony has opened a brand new Sony Store in the Century City mall. According to workers there, this is the first Sony Store (as opposed to SonyStyle store) and the other stores will eventually all be converted. I’m not really ...

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Linksys E2000 WiFi Router Review

In trying to get a video monitoring system to work, I ended up having to purchase a new WiFi router. My old Linksys was getting old, so frankly, I was happy to get a new one. Using my usual “pick ...

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