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Rover Remote Control Spy Tank

Brookstone has a new cool gadget that a friend of mine bought. It’s a remote control wireless tank with a built in camera. They are calling it the “Rover Spy Tank.” Nothing new about a remote control tank but this ...

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Logitech Alert Security System Review

After my epic fail with the Archerfish security system, I went looking for something better. One thing that I noticed was that the WiFi connection that Archerfish was using was very unreliable and would go down a lot. So this ...

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Boeing 787 Dreamliner to Go Live September 28

After years of delay, Boeing is set to deliver their newest long range, 2 engine jet-liner, called the “Dreamliner” to ANA in Japan on September 28, after leaving Everett, Washington the day before. Let’s hope there will be no more ...

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Tria Laser Hair Removal System Mini Review

As everyone that reads this blog knows by now, I’m a victim of advertising and infomercials. One night, I was watching one and saw a home laser hair removal system from Tria. Now you’re asking yourselves right now, why does ...

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Zion Eyez Spy Camcorder

It’s not enough that everybody and his brother has a camera/camcorder built into their mobile smart phones, and uploading their boring videos to Youtube, now comes this set of sunglasses that will automatically stream live video via your smart phone ...

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Samsung Epic 4G Dock Review

Since I have a dock for my iPhone 4, and the fancy wireless charging dock for the Palm Pre, the first thing I started to look for was a dock for my Samsung Epic 4G. According to Amazon, the list ...

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Schlage FE595 Keypad Door Lock Review

The time came to improve the security in my house but I didn’t want to have to carry more keys. After looking around, I found an electronic keypad door lock on the Schlage website and got it at OSH nearby. ...

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