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Vizio VO47L LCD HDTV Review

It’s still a year away from analog TV going to digital next year, but my little TV in my bedroom broke.  There’s no way I was going to put one more dime into a CRT, not even a tiny one.  ...

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iPod Vending Machine

The Glendale Galleria has a vending machine that’s similar to the Proactiv one in Century City.  My friend Sam took this picture with his cell phone and you can see that it’s basically the same robot vending machine but setup ...

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High Tech High Prices

As the holiday season goes into overdrive, so does gas prices.  It’s such an interesting coincidence that when people have to travel to meet their friends and family, the oil companies jack up the gas prices.  Weird. This is a ...

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Proactiv Robot Vending Machine

Since I don’t do a lot of shopping, I never saw this vending machine before.  Perhaps, it’s all over the place but I’ve never seen it.  I found this at the Westfield Century City Mall, or whatever it’s called now, ...

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Ooma This!

How would you like free long distance phone calls with no monthly fees?  Well, the newest take on broadband VoIP is ooma, which they say will be available next month. It’s similar to the other VoIP services like Vonage, but ...

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USB Pole Dancer

No joke.  I found this at my local Fry’s. According to the box, you plug this to your USB and the pole dancer will spin and dance.  Hey, I don’t make this stuff up.  I just report it.  Their website describes ...

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Tivo vs. Cable DVR

Let’s get ready to rrrumble! In this corner, the disputed champion of DVRs, Tivo Series 2. And in the other corner, Time Warner Cable’s generic DVR with 120Gigs. As you can see, the remotes look pretty different. Most of the ...

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