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Oreck XL Air Purifier review

Have you seen the Oreck ProShield™ Plus Air Purifier with Helios Shield™ infomercial on TV? I did too. And since I’m a victim of advertising, I decided to order it and try it out. The unit is approximate the size ...

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High Speed Robot Video

When I watched this video, I was thinking how robots will probably replace surgeons and operations that now take hours could be done in seconds by robots. There will be no such thing as intricate detailing by humans in any ...

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Palm Pre Touchstone

One of the coolest accessories for any cell phone is the Touchstone charging kit for the Palm Pre. This allows you to charge your Palm Pre without wires, just by placing the unit on top of the round charger. Even ...

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20 Second Recharge Time for Future Batteries

According to an article in the March issue of “Nature” magazine, researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology have developed a new “beltway” for the battery material, lithium iron phosphate, that could be used to create new batteries that would ...

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How to Hack Best Buy’s Inventory Bug

As you may know, I downgraded to the LG EnV2 because I hated the touchscreen on the Voyager. In any case, the headphone jack on the EnV2 (and probably all LG) is 2.5mm, and not the 3.5mm for normal headsets.  ...

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Digi-Slave L Ring 3200 Review

So now that I have my new JVC HD camcorder, I wanted to improve the images by getting a lighting adapter. After looking around the “Interwebs,” I came accross this interesting Ring light from SR Electronics called the Digi-Slave L ...

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