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JVC Everio GZ-HD40 – Full Review

After getting a Vizio HDTV, I knew it was just a matter of time before I needed to upgrade my camcorder to HD.  My current camcorder is the old standard definition hard drive JVC.  I got one of the original ...

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Monumental Tech Epic Fail

Technology and gadgets. I love them. Recently, there was talk of software giant Microsoft buying poor Yahoo.com. Yahoo used to be the number one search engine back in the day. People used to think nobody could out-search Yahoo. How the ...

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Cheap HDMI Cables From OutletPC

While I patiently wait for my Playstation 3 to come in the mail (hopefully by Wednesday this week), I decided to get the HDMI cable for it because I know that the PS3 doesn’t come with it. Best Buy has ...

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Best Buy Stocks PS3 for a Second

As you may already know, I don’t have a game console after selling my PS2 when I thought I was going to buy a PS3.  After the HD format war ended, I decided to go to the PS3 instead of ...

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Ooma Sends $25 Best Buy Gift Card

My previous review of Ooma noted their referral system so I tried it out with a friend of mine.  I got a return email right away after submitting my info, and within days, I got a certified mail with my ...

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