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Amazon to Compete with Paypal

Paypal (owned by eBay) is the standard for online payment systems. Who could compete head-to-head with Paypal? Apparently, Amazon thinks they can with their hundreds of millions of users that regularly use Amazon to buy just about everything possible. According ...

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Google Adds Inactive Account Manager

Google has added a new feature called “Inactive Account Manager” to their website which is available to anyone with a Gmail account. It sounds kinda fancy and all but what it’s really for is to alert and allow your loved ...

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Paypal For Business UI Updated

Paypal has released a beta version of their Paypal for Business website. Basically, the site is the same as before except the UI has been “updated” to look a little more modern. Click on the images below to see a ...

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Blue Screen of Death Follows Me to 7-11

Lately, I’ve been having problems with my laptop not working properly with WiFi. For some reason, sometimes, I can only access Google and Youtube but not any other websites, but only with WiFi. I’m still trying to figure this one ...

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New Look & Feel For Cochinoman

When I started this blog in 2006, I thought it looked pretty cool. Fast forward 7 years later and now things have been looking… let’s just say a little “dated” for the last few years. So I finally got off ...

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