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MasterPass Challenges Paypal

Many companies are trying to one-up each other over virtual payment systems, with Paypal, Google Wallet, and everybody else trying to shove their way in. It’s no surprise that earlier this year, MasterCard has entered this crowded arena with their ...

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Belly Loyalty Rewards Come to 7-11

Belly is yet another new loyalty rewards program that works on your smartphone via an app on iOS and Android. This allows the participating business to keep track of their customers and the customers get free stuff. Although Bell’s website ...

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Google Adds 2 Step Verification

Recently, somebody hacked into my friend’s Gmail account and took it over by changing everything. He was not able to get back into his account because all of the contact information had been changed and there was no way for ...

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Amazon to Compete with Paypal

Paypal (owned by eBay) is the standard for online payment systems. Who could compete head-to-head with Paypal? Apparently, Amazon thinks they can with their hundreds of millions of users that regularly use Amazon to buy just about everything possible. According ...

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Google Adds Inactive Account Manager

Google has added a new feature called “Inactive Account Manager” to their website which is available to anyone with a Gmail account. It sounds kinda fancy and all but what it’s really for is to alert and allow your loved ...

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Paypal For Business UI Updated

Paypal has released a beta version of their Paypal for Business website. Basically, the site is the same as before except the UI has been “updated” to look a little more modern. Click on the images below to see a ...

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Blue Screen of Death Follows Me to 7-11

Lately, I’ve been having problems with my laptop not working properly with WiFi. For some reason, sometimes, I can only access Google and Youtube but not any other websites, but only with WiFi. I’m still trying to figure this one ...

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