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Controller installed on Katana charger

Katana Charger for PS3 Controllers Reviewed

In my review of the Playstation 3, one of my complaints was that you cannot charge the DualShock3 controller when the PS3 is turned off.

Katana (model KT3R-0101) has come up with a great solution for charging your controller, but it will cost you $29.99 at Target.  It was available at Best Buy also but they seem to be sold out.  The Target website is incorrect in it’s description of the charger.  It does NOT come with a USB cable to plug into your PS3.  The charger does not connect to the PS3 at all.  It has a power adaptor that plugs into the wall.

The best part of this charger is not the charger, but the attachment that goes onto your controller.  This attachment plugs into the USB on your controller and changes the connector to a non-plugin connector, which requires only that you place the controller onto the charger for charging.

The attachment does not get in the way of your fingers in any way, and it matches the controller so well, it’s hard to tell where it is in the picture.  It’s hiding where the USB connector would be.

The charging base station also matches the PS3 very nicely, even down to the “Playstation 3” logo right on the front.  Not sure if Sony is going to like that, but I sure do.

All in all, I love this charger.  The only problem is, I have a bad feeling that it’s not going to work with the keyboard attachment that I pre-ordered from Amazon.  I’ll find out soon and I’ll let you know.

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