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AT&T Starts Shipping 64GB HTC One

According to AT&T’s website, they have started shipping the HTC One with 64GB of memory (AT&T exclusive) starting today, April 16. HTC has been touting their new flagship phone for a while now and frankly, if this model doesn’t do ...

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Paypal “Here” is Actually Here

When PayPal first announced this credit card processing service last year, I figured it would simply kill off Square Up but so far, that hasn’t happened. But frankly, I think it’s only a matter of time. It’s going to be ...

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Samsung Soundbar HW-E450ZA Review

After getting my Samsung 55″ LED 3D HDTV which has the speakers pointed towards the wall, I felt like I needed a sound system. After looking for a deal, I found this Samsung Soundbar HW-E450ZA at Best Buy for $269.99 ...

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VIP Access App For Verisign ID Protection

Last time, I told you I spent $30 on a Paypal Security Key to protect my account. It took me all of 5 minutes of poking around to find out that I didn’t have to buy that physical card from ...

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Paypal Security Key Review

If you have a paypal account, you should look into using a security key to access your account. It’s an extra level of protection against unauthorized use of your paypal account. As you can see below, you can even use ...

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Neewer LED CN-160 Dimmable Video Light Review

Although I’m still using my ancient JVC Everio for HD video, I had to stop using my Digi-Slave Ring Light because it reduces the amount of area provided by the Raynox wide angle lens. So I decided to look around ...

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American Express’ Bluebird Secured Credit Card

A while ago, I tried to open an Ally online bank account, but it was so excruciatingly difficult, I gave up. So when I saw the TV ad for the American Express + Wallmart Bluebird account, I decided to give ...

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California Starts Collecting Sales Tax Online September 15

Ladies and Gentlemen. Grab your mouses and get ready to add to the shopping cart to make your online purchases.  If you live in California, you will start having to pay sales tax on online purchases starting on September 15, ...

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