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Oreck Air Purifier Settlement

Apparently, the FTC sued Oreck for false advertising of their Oreck Air Purifier and collected a bunch of money for the consumer. Their ads claiming that the air purifier would reduce the risk of flu and other illmesses, and eliminate ...

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Paypal Here Coming Everywhere

Paypal has announced a new service called “Paypal Here” which is basically the same as the Square Up service. It’s not available yet but soon, small business owners will be able to accept credit cards for payment to their Paypal ...

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The New iPad: Ordering

Last Wednesday, Apple announced the “new” iPad. In case you’re living under a rock, this one has a better camera, higher resolution (2048 x 1536), and most importantly, a retina display. I was impressed with the retina display on the ...

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HP Customer Support Fail… Again

If you’ve been reading this blog, you know I’ve had bad luck with HP for years, including my current computer’s hard drive blowing up only weeks after I bought it.  Well, about a year ago, I bought a 2TB removable ...

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ThinkGeek Turns Siri into Hal 9000

It’s amazing how ThinkGeek has used rapid prototyping to bring a prototype to life so quickly. I want a version of Siri running on my computer interfaced to my home control system and this Hal 9000 box. Or not.

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Best Buy Refunds Tax on Ask Agent

There was a Best Buy check in my mailbox yesterday for $1.98.  Apparently, this is another one of those class action lawsuits where Best Buy was forced to return the tax that was charged for their “Ask an Agent” service. ...

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Coda Electric Car ready parking spaces

At the Century City Mall parking, they are getting ready to open up electric car charging spaces soon. Apparently, it’s to promote these Coda cars which they are showing in the mall. I’m assuming any electric car can park there ...

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