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Sprint $25 Referral

Sprint has a friend referral program that gives you $25. Since I switched from Verizon to Sprint, I was eligible for this program. You can get full info at sprint.com/landings/refrewards/ All you have to do is follow the instructions and ...

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Palm Pre Touchstone

One of the coolest accessories for any cell phone is the Touchstone charging kit for the Palm Pre. This allows you to charge your Palm Pre without wires, just by placing the unit on top of the round charger. Even ...

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How to Reboot the Palm Pre

Method 1: Keyboard Hold down the Orange, “R” and “Sym” keys simultaneously. I learned this method from the Sprint customer service when they were helping me transfer my old number over to my Palm. Method 2: Power switch Hold down ...

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Palm Pre Bust

Well, it’s June 6th and no Palm Pre for me. After finding out that my grease didn’t work, I tried going directly to the Sprint store and they put me on their waiting list.  I played with the demo unit ...

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Palm Pre Fever

I’ve been waiting patiently for the Palm Pre to come out for months now.  Is it an iPhone killer? I don’t know. It’s certainly not going to have the kind of 3rd party software that’s available right now for the ...

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T-Mobile G1 – First Impressions

A friend of mine got her T-Mobile G1 the first day it was available. Here she is presenting it between her boobs.  That’s how she rolls.  For the most part, she likes it but there’s some things she doesn’t like. ...

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