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Tivo vs. Cable DVR

Let’s get ready to rrrumble! In this corner, the disputed champion of DVRs, Tivo Series 2. And in the other corner, Time Warner Cable’s generic DVR with 120Gigs. As you can see, the remotes look pretty different. Most of the ...

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Google Apps with Webmail

As if google didn’t already have just about everything under the sun, they now have business applications (like spreadsheets, word processing) online for free. Moreover, they allow each person in the business to have their own webmail and POP email ...

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Globat Web Hosting Nightmare

Always up – probably true fast – not the customer service easy – certainly not the customer service What a nightmare. Currently, I use 3 different hosting companies. Each has their pros and cons. One that I use is a ...

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How Myspace is Not

Everyone that’s read my blog knows how I hate myspace, but I use it to keep in touch with my friends. Well, they just added the dumbest feature I’ve seen on a website that’s supposed to be worth over $600Mil. ...

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Safari Lost in the Jungle

You may have heard that Jobs decided to port Apple‘s browser, Safari, over to Windows XP, and Vista. I’m not a Mac user so I wanted to see how good Safari is and downloaded the updated Beta version 3.0.1 (which ...

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How to Add New Emoticons to WordPress 2.2

I wanted to add my own emoticons to this blog so I did some digging. After reading the WordPress online documentation, and poking around myself, I figured out that the function called smilies_init() inside functions.php (located in the wp-includes subdirectory) ...

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My Love/Hate Relationship with HP

Let me start off by saying that I learned to program computers on an old HP mini computer. My first programmable calculator was an HP. My first laser printer was an HP. A good friend of mine from high school ...

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Vonage and Amazon Unbox + Tivo

How Things Work and Not Work. I hardly ever use my land line so to save money, I decided to switch to Vonage.  For those who have not seen their TV ads, it’s a company that provides VOIP (voice over ...

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