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Brick and mortar, or Internet. Buying stuff is fun.

Gmail Offers Wallet

Recently, Google decided to include a way for Gmail users to send and receive money via Google Wallet. If you already use Gmail for your emails, this is indeed easier to use than Paypal because it’s imbedded inside Gmail. Instead ...

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PaySimple Mobile Payment Service

Unlike Paypal and Square Up, PaySimple is more of a full merchant service and less for a guy getting paid for moving a couch. But it does have a mobile credit card swiping app, just like other services these days. ...

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Spark Pay Mobile Payment Service

Doing more digging, I came across Spark Pay from Capital One Bank, yet another mobile payment app and system for merchants. They support both iOS (iPhone, iPad) and Android devices with the following plans: Pro Plan: when you have higher volumes ...

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