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Samsung Galaxy S4 Charging Pad Actually Available

Even though the wireless charging pad has been on the Samsung website, as of today, you can actually order it without it being on backorder like before. It’s about time considering I’ve been waiting for this since I got my ...

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Vistaprint “Free” Business Cards Review

After using my old business cards with the wrong information on it for several years, I finally decided that I’d better get new ones to pretend to be more professional and business like. Back in the day, I actually had ...

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Tesla Store in Westfield Century City Mall

In an ironic twist, the Coda store in the Century City Mall has been replaced by the Tesla store. It’s obvious why Coda didn’t make it and why Tesla will make it. It’s a tiny store, with space only large ...

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Samsung Galaxy S4 Wireless “Charing” Pad Teased in Help

As you can see below, when you go to the “Help” app on the S4, there is a list of available accessories. Not only is there no way to buy these lovely accessories, because they are not available yet, apparently, ...

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Google Wallet Real Life Test

Last time, I just installed Wallet on my Samsung Galaxy S4 but didn’t actually use it. This time, I went to my local Pinkberry because I already knew from about a year ago that they accept Google Wallet. As advertised, ...

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Google Brings Wallet to Sprint

Goole Wallet (smartphone payment system) is now available on Sprint if you have a Samsung Galaxy S4, Note II or HTC One. After downloading and launching the app, you will get a screen that says it’s setting up Wallet and ...

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Samsung Opens Micro Stores Inside Best Buy

As you can see below, my local Best Buy store in Los Angeles now has a micro Samsung store inside. Basically, it’s a rip-off, I mean, a copy of what Apple already has in most Best Buy stores. Apparently, Samsung ...

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Samsung Galaxy S4 Delivered!

After being pessimistic about getting my Samsung Galaxy S4 on time, I was pleasantly surprised to wake up to an alert that it had been delivered. I got dressed as quickly as I could and picked up my new phone. ...

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Sprint Starts Samsung Galaxy S4 Pre-Orders

As other carriers roll out the Samsung S4 pre-orders, so does Sprint, starting today. If you are already with Sprint, you can grab one for $249.99 with an extension of your contract for 2 more years. If you are moving ...

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