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American Express’ Bluebird Secured Credit Card

A while ago, I tried to open an Ally online bank account, but it was so excruciatingly difficult, I gave up. So when I saw the TV ad for the American Express + Wallmart Bluebird account, I decided to give ...

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Google AdSense Lacks Real Sense

Cochinoman.com uses Google’s AdSense to serve up banner ads for this website. Recently, I got a nice little email from Google Adsense (click to see larger version): Basically, Google’s automated, and probably self-aware system, has decided that my article about ...

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Autographer For Lazy Photographers

Don’t you just hate it when you’re on vacation or at a party and you have to manually take pictures? Too bad you can’t afford a photographer to take pictures for you so your lazy ass don’t have to do ...

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Sprint Offers Vanity Phone Numbers With StarStarMe – Review

Sprint has teamed up with Zoove with a new service called Star Star Me which provide consumers with a “star-star” number.  The customer picks their own vanity number using letters and numbers (5 to 9 characters long) and that becomes ...

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Keyless Door Entry Using Your Phone With Lockitron

The keyless entry system on my Prius c is one of the best features of my new car. One room at home is equipped with a Schlage electronic doorpad lock which doesn’t require a key but does not include a ...

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Pivothead Video Recording Eyewear Review – Part 2: Video Tests

Last time, I gave my first impressions of the Pivothead Video Recording Eyewear in my review, including some design complaints. This time, I will review the quality of the video and still shots from the Pivothead. First off, after you ...

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Godaddy Apologizes For Outage

As you may have heard, or witnessed yourself, the entire Godaddy network was down on September 10th from 10am PST to 4pm PST, according the news reports. That means anybody that hosts their website on Godaddy (like this site) or ...

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California Starts Collecting Sales Tax Online September 15

Ladies and Gentlemen. Grab your mouses and get ready to add to the shopping cart to make your online purchases.  If you live in California, you will start having to pay sales tax on online purchases starting on September 15, ...

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Logitech Alert Security System B700n Review

As you may be aware, I’ve already reviewed the Logitech Alert Security System previously with praise. Recently, Logitech has released a night vision version of the indoor camera so I decided to try it out. Because the indoor cameras did ...

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